Clear as day as the night is long

by Hugh Doolan

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Most of the songs on this album were recorded at home in Co. Dublin. The recording approach favours an ear for intimacy with the listener, soon drawing you into a broader landscape as the album progresses.
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released November 11, 2010




Hugh Doolan Dublin, Ireland

Songwriter and Soundtrack Artist.

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Track Name: Virgin Road
There's a world I know
Keeps on coming to me
There's a world I thought
Could turn the key

Near the shore on the waves
Surrounded by cotton-ball skies
I see a mountain road
One I must climb

Where if not by your shadow's side
Will you meet a good friend
In whom you'll confide
I tell bad jokes
On the virgin road white

Follow me closely on
To where hearts abide
Colours abound shining strong
Bringing in eventide

There's a woman I know
Keeps a place near to me
She'll pull me in when I'm cold
I see her turn the key

Where if not by your shadow's side
Will you meet a good friend
In whom you'll confide
I tell bad jokes
But all my best lines are out painting
Virgin road white
Track Name: Clear as day as the night is long
I've been saved by you
I've been saved by your good deeds
but now it's time to give it back to you

brought back up by you out of the rain
I'd been hungry in the night so dark
brought back to life when i was feeling so dead

The mess has been cleaned up
by a maid in disguise
I woke up and the sun was shining

The mess was gone
for once I see thru my pain its gone
the sun it shone on and on

glory pie

clear as day as the night is long x4
I'll be gone, and on and on
Track Name: The Restless Song
Think of the music in your arms
Dancing through your soul it calms
The other sounds to distract
The ugly sisters sligh shadow so black

Pink balloons tied outside your door
Wave in the wind like a musical score
Come inside and rest your wand
Playing out the restless song

I'm shaking down
Just standing ground
Looking over the wall there
Untwisted from my shoulder

Dream of the silence in your room
Sound of darkness and full window moon
Breathing life into the cracks
Filler for a life raft where I can relax
Track Name: Magic Celtic Carpet
The best feelings I did have
For the turf I did leave
Were the ones that made me glad
There'd someday be reprieve

But on such a day as this
I return there in my mind
And walk gently there
To bend down and kiss its magic celtic carpet

How am I to know if my seeds they will sow
In this foreign state outside my own

‘Twas me who did elope there
Leaving a ladder on the window ledge
And a stained letter to all my friends
Telling them I had to go away again

To the factories closed
Navvies ghosts
Fishermen dry-docked
Dole receivers and school leavers
Young mothers their babies to rock
Well I say..
Don’t lay down
Try and raise a cheer
On this one day of the year
There's a magic celtic carpet
‘neath our wandering, wandering feet

I've climbed down a thousand rungs
And broke my fall before
And got up to work at foraging
For love and for money and for more

So if I could send it all on home
Bitter sweet honey
It still would never ever be enough
To wipe the soil off these foreign hands

Repeat chorus:
Track Name: Theme from Swollen Virtue
My eyes strain to see through this window
To a world of light with near endless nightsong
With a stake in the hood-faked darkness
Outstretched for the slender free handshake

Hear my plaintive song turned inside and out
Dropped in a cauldron it came back dripping in doubt

Since when have I strayed from shallow to deep
Broke my stride and followed footfall that creeps
I can beat your drum and the rhythm follows
but you'll need to hold my hand to cross the road!

The room grows cold after bad seeds rust
Compass scattered phased out in dust
Come to collect and disect intellect
Meant what I said the last time I checked

I'm curled up in hope for a generation
Unfurling myself is a deaf mute sensation
Though lightfall may yet strengthen,
It's onto shaky, unhallowed ground I might descend

shaky, unhallowed ground
shaky, unhallowed ground
Track Name: Reach Out
You look so complete
Standing on your own street
Kicking the obstacles away
Showing muscle's here to stay

Well I'll tell you what I think
And hold on to what I know
If you were in my shoes
Which way would you go?

Spit it out
I'm ok
Spit it out
I know what to say
Reach out, you know I've sinned
Speak out, don’t hold it in.

I have this weight on my back
And a thread running thru my lips
Won't you stop me
If you don’t want to be stung by its backlash

Don't you interfere with your signs
I do it all of the time?
Aren't you made insincere
By this lonely stage up here?

Put me thru the rings
I know they're on fire, I do.
Down-turned smiles
Are forgotten at best dear
All the reservations
Struck off the register.

Repeat chorus:
Track Name: Convict Fox
out of your clutches
all hell would be gone
to look at your empty arms

follow me with the scent like a convict fox
to be put back in the stocks

angel arms, only your distant charms
can put the right kind of alarms on
singing out like a siren

cut the locks will you please
put me back with you

and like a convict fox
to be put back in the stocks
Track Name: Inevitability
theres compromise and sacrifice in your eyes
watch the moon cover you with its sighs
full and blue your eyelids choose to calm desire

you dont read all of the signs
you see but all senses are blind
to the annviversary of inevitability

there's alibis, sweet goodbye's - hard as ice
break the rules, be uncool, a change is nice
I'm a fool for you - won't quench this fire