by Hugh Doolan



A kind of an odds n sods collection
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released January 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Hugh Doolan Dublin, Ireland

Songwriter and Soundtrack Artist. hughdoolan@gmail.com

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Track Name: Call me a scarecrow
My train of thought
Left drought station in a rut
Headed for the gutter to break
This sensation of clutter

First stop at the heart
Massage it and give it a start
And the mind at the bend
All its dark soldiers to descend

Call me a scarecrow
But i've got to let somebody know
That the deeper the tunnel
The further we can go
The further we can go

I explained that it's far
But this burning fire
Will lighten the load
Brighten up the night on the road
A cinder path to God..
Where god knows
A slender line
When its cut
It only grows
Track Name: Postcard from Matisse
I got a postcard from Matisse
and a hat from a little girl

They just dropped them in and walked away
but to me hey that is no slur

Now one of these days I'm gonna
put it in a fault
so as I'm reminded
there's value in a thought

I'll take your rocks your notes
your money too
any colour you want
so long as it's from you

Now all I need is for you to
give me some of your love
you with that look that would
knock a man stone dead
Track Name: Slow Train
I fell awake too late to realise
what the living like this it can do to your mind
I thought something bright
would see me through the day
but it wasn't enough for to hear me say

I need a slow train
to take me off this fast lane
I need a slow train

Armed with a smile to make it through the day
I suddenly remembered what had been a haze
the dumb dull lines of incomprehension
The headroom meetings I'd care not to mention


Then later on it's gone by the wayside
nothing was wrong
from relief I could sigh
you know though for sure
that you'll still keep it up
'til the lid on your box it is firmly shut
Track Name: Catchin' up on you
You made a getaway
In your high speed state of mind
You made big splashes
With the wheels that
Will never come to grind

You let me go
Like a stone from your one hand
The other steering out of my way
Only to get stuck in sand

Catchin' up on you
Not to tell you off
But catchin up on you
To paint your face red
Catchin' up on the getaway

You cant be somebody now
Your cross-firing has
Bounced you off the wall
Creature of instinct
Against the tide you crawl

Catchin' up on you..

You wont be stopped
There's no checks to detect
Your progress in the dark
But listen to the burnt out
Buzzin in your heart

The law's catchin' up on you
Catchin' up on you
Not to tell you off
But catchin up on you
To paint your face red
Catchin' up on the getaway

You think you’re freer alone
I want to catch up with
What's going on with you
Just some stories between the table
We'll talk them through