A Promised Land

from by Hugh Doolan



On the border
where hope meets despair
A sign you see
reads: “Life's not fair”

To which you nod
Then wince to let fly
Foul expletives
To bleed your venom dry

I don't deserve this
And neither do you
It's just poor service
Busted out of the blue

let's make a stand
like brothers in a band
shake me by the hand
speed me to a promised land, where I can live or die trying

The French Revolt
They never do what they're told
For every lightning bolt
comes a sure thunder-blow

So if you can stand
in the mad rain
Then you can breakdance
all the way to Spain


On the border
where hope beat despair
A new sign you hold
reads: “Devils may care”

let's make a stand
like sisters in a band
take a brother by the hand
leave him in the promised land, where he can live or die trying


from A Promised Land, released July 14, 2016




Hugh Doolan Dublin, Ireland

Songwriter and Soundtrack Artist. hughdoolan@gmail.com

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