Plain Joe Saddler

from by Hugh Doolan



The moment it is
more certain than this
Look back at the sun
like the blinded one

Longer than his shadow
a traitor's kiss

Let's talk my son
before the hills have you run
poor time on my mind
needs attention of your kind

ship me to the treadmill
slip me that bitter pill

I'll work another day
breaking rocks for little pay

Hunter Gatherer
Plain Joe Saddler
waging war
just to even scores
for a toddler's cart
and my sweetheart</b>

sit me in the corner
I'll jump you to the door
slice my heart in half
now you've taken a score

do it twice
it won't hurt any more
than it has in the past


The moment it was
switched to die and cast
I looked to the last man
snatched his beads and ran

You're stronger than this
cool traitor's kiss

Let's walk now my son
'neath the trees a-blossom
Some things need saying
Without pride paying


But you must stand tall
at every morning's call
To work another day
punching clocks have their say.

I'll bend like tide to moon
Tin to silver will your spoon


from A Promised Land, released July 14, 2016




Hugh Doolan Dublin, Ireland

Songwriter and Soundtrack Artist.

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